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Prof. Dr.- Ing. Anton Kummert


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Anton Kummert
Synthesis of 3-D lossless first-order one ports with lumped elements
Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on, 36(11):1445--1449
November 1989
ISSN: 0098-4094

Schlüsselwörter: all-pass filters, all-pass functions, linear network synthesis, lumped elements, lumped parameter networks, multidimensional wave digital filters, partial degree, partial denominator polynomial, polynomials, rational reflectance, two-variable polynomial, wave digital filters3-D lossless first-order one ports

Zusammenfassung: A special class of 3-D lossless one ports is considered. The author restricts his investigation to all-pass functions where the partial degree, with respect to every complex variable pi, i=1 to 3, of its partial denominator polynomial does not exceed 1. The synthesis is achieved by reducing the given problem to the known synthesis of 2-D lossless multiports by the extraction of p1-type reactive elements. The author makes use of the fact that a real, nonnegative, definite, two-variable polynomial can be written as a sum of squares of real polynomials if its total degree does not exceed four. No restrictions are made concerning the coefficients of the rational reflectance of the desired network: they can be either real or complex, so as to include even complex networks which are of special interest for multidimensional wave digital filters

Anton Kummert
Synthesis of two-dimensional lossless m-Ports with prescribed scattering matrix
Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, 8(1):97--119
Anton Kummert
On the number of frequency-dependent building elements of multidimensional lossless networks
AEU. Archiv für Elektronik und Übertragungstechnik, 43(4):237-240
Anton Kummert
Arbitrarily precise equalization of the phase of linear analogue systems
1989 European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, ECCTD 89, Brighton UK , Seite 284--288.